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Touch interfaces have enabled some classic PC titles to be adapted to new ways of playing. That is exactly what we have seen these last few years since mobile Operating Systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone have made it into the scene. In this case, Plumber takes the classic formula of connecting two points to make water run through the pipes, available for free download through the official stores.

This Plumber game is similar to other approaches of the same genre. This version of Plumber has been specially designed to be played on tablets due to its High Definition graphics, and the optimized resolution makes it easier to run it on bigger displays. Though it looks its best on smartphones with displays over 4”, it runs smoothly on average devices. The download of this free utility will assure more hours of puzzles in the palm of your hand than others have managed to offer before.

This version of Plumber has been specially designed to be played on tablets due to its High Definition graphics

The design of the title is very simple and doesn't stand out at all amongst other similar apps available via the various different online stores. However, the way it works is what makes it recommendable for average users since it does this really smoothly. The app focuses on a fun experience, rather than graphics of detailed designs, putting the effort into the cleverness of the levels.

Connect them all!
Connect them all!


The gameplay of Plumber is easy for all users since there are no difficult options for ordering the different pipes. Tapping on the pipe’s sections will reverse the direction, so you'll be able to connect them to the adjacent ones. The objective is to create a closed circuit to make the water run without leaks.

Plumber includes different game modes, which add more variety to the download. The main mode is the arcade in which you just have to connect the pipes before the time runs out, or try to get the highest score. Additionally you have different bonus pipes included that will multiply the score.

The second of these modes add a higher level of difficulty to the game. This one is called challenge and it offers simple puzzles with the same mechanics as the previous mode. Depending on the time it takes you to comple the stage, you will receive a star-based score. Try to beat all the stages, as there are more than 200 different ones, and they will take you some time!

Beat the high score with combos
Beat the high score with combos

Plumber 1.0 Features

These are the unique features of Plumber for mobile devices:

  • Intelligent design for the classic Plumber puzzle genre
  • Two different modes that will test your Plumber skills
  • Complete more than 200 different levels on both modes
  • Beat the highest score combining pipes with multipliers available on both stage’s sides
  • HD graphics optimized for tablets running Windows Phone, Android or iOS

If you want to learn more about the developer or the app, you can visit its official website through the following link .

System Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements for installing this app on your mobile device:

  • Operating System: Windows Phone 8, iOS 4.3, Android 1.5 or later
  • Size: 11MB free space on the device


Plumber Android Game user review for phpNuke by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Plumber is a game where you work to connect pipes before the time runs out and you lose all of the water that is running through them as you are connecting the pieces together. This is a fun game that is a lot like the original for PC that had a mouse based user interface.

Being that this game is for touch devices it makes the game more immersive and interactive as you don’t need to try and use a mouse or other human interfacing device in order to play the game.

Overall this is a fairly challenging puzzle style game that can provide the player with hours of fun. For each pipe system that you successfully connect from the starting side to the ending side the game becomes a bit more of a challenge and it will not allow you to get bored.

Better play can be offered from a bigger screen such as a tablet rather than a mobile phone as you have less chances of accidently clicking on a piece other than the intended one.


  • Addictive game can offer hours of game play
  • Easy to get started and hard to put down


  • The game can be too addictive making players not want to stop playing even when needed
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