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Worms 3 1.13




Mobile devices are the perfect platform for remaking classic games, and Worms 3 is enough proof of that. This new version of the action strategy game takes its cue from the same gameplay of the bigger console and PC releases, adapting to a different User Interface. Ready for the download on Android and iOS devices, this title grants hours of fun thanks to its online multiplayer mode.

Graphics are fully 3D although the view is 2D, just like the classic installments of the franchise. This makes it easier to develop your strategies within the battlefield by having a full view of the battlefield in each moment of the game. Each stage is fully destroyable with the impact of the different available weapons. This way, even if you play a stage twice, it will end in a whole different aspect.

The control and gameplay of Worms 3 has been adapted to the new interface of the mobile device using iOS or Android

The control and gameplay of Worms 3 has been adapted to the new interface of the mobile device using iOS or Android installed on them. In this case, the access to the weaponry is as simple as tapping on the icon below the action screen in order to choose the one you want to use. The different actions are displayed as icons, as well as the direction pad, which is shown on the left side. You can control the power of your weapons launch, holding down the button according to the stage’s wind direction and the level of power you require.

New stages and missions
New stages and missions


The novelty of this new version for smartphones and tablets is that your worm team is fully customizable with several free elements. You can put scarves on them, glasses and even wolf heads like savages. These customizations make the game even more fun than in the previous versions, creating thematic teams for fighting against your friends online.

Worms 3 includes some interesting game modes such as the Survival mode in which you will test your skills against hordes of worms. The multiplayer mode is undoubtedly the most popular among the Worms 3 fans. This time you can play alongside your friends through a WiFi or mobile Internet connection in cooperative or competitive mode.

The single player mode includes new missions for increasing the duration of the game. Try to conquer each new stage and discover all the secret content within the title. Another new enhancement is the addition of cards, each one with awesome powers that can change the course of the battle with each turn. The download of this game for your smart device brings back exactly the same experience from the best installments of Worms for PC and consoles.

Discover new weapons and abilities
Discover new weapons and abilities

Worms 3 1.13 Features

Check the main important features of Worms 3 for mobile smart devices:

  • Enjoy the classic gameplay of the Worms franchise in a new touch interface
  • Play online against all kinds of rivals and friends to reach the maximum level of fun
  • Fulfill all the single player missions by beating the AI in the 4 new stages
  • New multiplayer modes for playing over the Internet with all kinds of players
  • Customize your team of worms with free elements such as hats and other decorative elements
  • Great adaptation of the controls for smartphones and tablets

In case you want to get more information about Worms 3 before the download for mobile devices, check the official developer website .

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements of the app before the installation:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.1.1, Android 2.3 or later
  • Size: 126MB free space


Worms Android game user review for phpNuke by James Meyette

By James Meyette

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Worms is a classic game with the newest release of version three being available on the android and iOS operating systems, being that it is available for both of these it has a wide selection of devices that it can be played on.

The game is a lot like the title “Tanks” but rather than a tank you play as a worm and you shoot at other worms. In order to win the game you have to take out your opponent or opponents before they take you out. This creates a challenging gameplay that offers a lot of hours of your time that you can stay occupied for. It is great for when you are stuck in the waiting room for an appointment or if you just want a quick play when you are on break from work. Just don’t get too into it or you may get fired.

Overall the interface of this game is pretty self explanatory and there isn’t really a need for manuals or anything like that but if you do need some explanation outside of what is offered within the game itself then you should be able to find some online.


  • Fun game with hours of game play
  • Fairly challenging game that will keep you occupied whenever


  • The game is not freely available
Ease to access guides and manuals: