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The touch interface of mobile devices make easier to recover old game genres and add a twist to them, thus adapting classic motifs to new technologies. Lionheart Tactics is a good example of this, taking the Tactical RPG genre to mobile smartphones and tablets. This game, available for Android and iOS for download, grants a high number of hours of gameplay and diversity of strategies.

In Lionheart Tactics, you take the place of a young king that tries to unite the free people from all over the world against the threat of the Mirror Knights. Gathering heroes for your army are part of the story and the game, so choosing those that are more suitable for your style will keep you busy while you discover all the secrets of Lionheart Tactics.

The good design of Lionheart Tactics and its graphics make it a good looking app.

The good design of Lionheart Tactics and its graphics make it a good looking app. The super-deformed design of the characters makes them quite charming and they resemble some of the classic Japanese anime cartoons due to their colorful appearance. From wolf-like barghest soldiers to the elf archer unit, you can find new races for your party.

Customize your units for the battle
Customize your units for the battle


For those that never have faced a Tactical RPG before, this is a turn-based title in which you have to move your party before the attack. The movement of the units is determined by their stats, as well as the attack range depending on the job class of the character. You will have to bear in mind that archers have a higher range of attack in exchange for lower HP (Health Points) and defense. In order to be successful in the later missions, you will have to create a party in which all these aspects are balanced for your strategies.

Lionheart Tactics includes 16 different classes, as well as three races to choose between, such as the humans, elves and barghests. Each one of these races has their unique skills and stats. This makes them more suitable for certain jobs, such as Gladiator, Dragoon, Paladin, Rogue, Thief or Wizard. Combine classes and races to create the ultimate warrior for your party.

The characters display their unique skills depending on the combination of race and class. The Limit Breaks of your units grant powerful strikes against the enemies, so use them to conquer difficult bosses or especially tough enemies. Equip your characters with legendary weapons and enjoy the stunning abilities of your party.

Be aware of the environments for using them in your battles
Be aware of the environments for using them in your battles

Lionheart Tactics 1.2.9 Features

Find all the main features of this game to download for Android and iOS devices below:

  • Full 3D Tactical RPG to set your strategies against all kinds of enemies
  • Compete against your friends in the leaderboard and join a Guild
  • Enjoy the 16 different classes and the three characters races with unique skills
  • Discover new lands such as the Midland or the frozen Splinterpeaks fighting for your empire and setting more heroes free
  • Unleash a bestial power using the Limit Breaks in the various quests
  • Get additional content purchasing in the in-app store
  • Enjoy the epic campaign mode for single player or the multiplayer features of the game

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System Requirements

Here are the requirements for checking your device before the download:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3, iOS 5 or later
  • Size: 92.2MB free space on the device
  • Internet connection required during the game