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Sonic Jump Fever 1.0.1

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The icon of video games from a few decades, Sonic the Hedgehog, makes unwise stars in a packed sequel and jumping platforms for iOS and Android

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The staunchest supporters of Sonic, Sonic Jump will know that it is almost a small series, with a primal delivery for mobile platforms in 2007, an original game released in 2012, which had some success and this sequel, which basically follows the same credentials of its predecessor. The aim of Sonic Jump is quite clear: with skill, we must go up and jumping vertically from platform to platform with different characters from the world of Sonic, while avoiding falling into the void, losing our lives and dodge various obstacles and enemies. Along the way, of course, lies the maximum possible score based on rings and impossible jumps. The portable nature of Sonic Jump Fever is undeniable. With our phone or tablet, and thanks to gyroscopes and accelerometers, we go running characters like Sonic, which will not be available from the beginning, but we will access after collecting various objects in the first levels-, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose or Blaze the Cat.

In the area of ​​nice, fun and consistent with the gameplay, highlights the Fever mode. The Fever mode is a state of insanity when we will reach unite and collect enough rings, and enable us to gain a frenzy and almost indestructible for all scenarios, eliminating -the robotic enemies Badniks Robotnik- teacher, taking additional amounts of rings and saving us and hold the unpredictable mechanical jumping from platform to platform. The Fever mode, is joined by the called Combo system, a system of rewards to suit the player who let us choose power-ups and combine them as well as create and need to make invincible, more agile and more effective in our character items or even increase the time limit for each phase.


  • Animations and graphic effects are very consistent and friendly to own mythology Hedgehog SEGA and its universe
  • The app behaves fluidly light and no slowdowns, performance problems or pixelated.


  • Sonic Jump Fever is a little uncomfortable to play
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Sonic has been for years the icon of SEGA and during his life he has lived through many changes about the design and game genres. In this case, SEGA has developed Sonic Jump Fever, a game for mobile devices in which your reflexes will be your main weapon. This Free-to-play title is available to download for Android and iOS devices.

The objective of the game is simple and similar to other titles such as Doodle Jump. In this title, you will have to reach the final part of the stage by jumping over the different platforms and avoiding being eliminated by the enemies. Although the first world seems easy, the game gets more difficult as you progress through the different level designs.

Enjoy jumping again in levels like Green Hill Zone or the Jungle Zone

Sonic Jump Fever looks good on average devices with environments brought from previous Sonic titles. This way you can enjoy jumping again in levels like Green Hill Zone or the Jungle Zone. Sonic Jump Fever includes the classic power up items that you can get by smashing the TVs on the stage. You go all the way from a shield to a detonating bomb to eliminate all enemies on screen.

Good environment variety
Good environment variety


In order to complete each stage, you will have to master the controls of each character. First of all, the basic controls include tilting the mobile device for changing the direction of the jump and tapping the screen for a double jump. The basic jump is done automatically whenever you land on a platform in order to make the player focus on the jump’s direction.

Besides having Sonic as the main playable character, he hasn’t come alone at all. SEGA has included Sonic’s friends in this new adventure, so you can play as Knuckles the Echidna, Tails, Amy Rose and the late addition of Blaze the Cat. Each one of these characters has unique skills that make them special. Sonic is the fastest of the 5, Tails can control his descent better than the others; Knuckles has a powerful double jump, Amy builds larger combos and Blaze uses her twin fireballs.

One of the elements that has been so popular since the first installment on Dreamcast has been the Chao, tiny creatures that increase your stats in exchange for your tender loving care. Using these Chao, you will get the highest score using their hidden abilities. For an earth-shattering score, you can trigger the fever mode, a hyper-speed mode in which you can get more rings than usual.

Use the features of your device to get rings
Use the features of your device to get rings

Sonic Jump Fever 1.0.1 Features

Check the main features of the game before the download on your device:

  • Quick-to-play free title for tablets and smartphones with popular Sonic characters
  • Soar through the sky avoiding all enemies and obstacles
  • Use the Chao in order to get special skills during the game and beat the leaderboards
  • Activate the Fever and get additional rewards during this high-speed mode
  • Upgrade the abilities of the five available characters and discover the unlockable content

Check the official site of Sonic Jump Fever through this link before getting the download in order to learn more about the game.

System Requirements

Here you can find the requirements of the mobile game:

  • Operating System: Android 4, iOS 7 or later
  • Size: 97MB free space on the device