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Shades and colors as a playable leitmotiv in a simple and absorbing puzzle game for iOS and Android.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The presentation of the game Lonely Few LLC, could not be more simple. At the beginning, Blendoku invites us to follow tutorial, a simple compendium of levels where you have to pick the colors by hue, sorting by gradient. To do this, we will present a figure made up of empty boxes, which at first will be very linearly with few shades and colors very different reference each other. These colors are usually very basic-which will be our guide when making the puzzle in question, having to search among the pieces and squares that we are given the hues ranging between one and another.

Our mission as well, will be to build a color table, it gets in an orderly and correct, make a consistent tonal scale. Doing so will be relatively easy, as we will use the said -while References- filling voids with the pieces we have above. Select with your finger, and we will be placing.

The touch control responds well, and will be all rather a matter of wit and visual speed as the game rewards the readiness to solving the puzzles presented to us-and you know, as shorter the time spent, the higher score and best records for us-.

Blendoku is an adaptable game, simple as the level at which we are playing. At first the app we will carry it in hand by the "Simple", where we will learn the mechanics of the game, making puzzles and simple compositions, which consist of simple figures, and with a fairly linear sense mode. Once we are overcome these levels, or believe that we can give more-we can venture into other modes a little more brave and difficult game. We will have hundreds of levels waiting.


  • Get something as simple as ordering the key of a series of colors, becomes a real challenge
  • We will pass paths and entertaining hours in front of our iOS device and Android


  • You can get to get a little nervous
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Blendoku is a puzzle game developed and published by Lonely Few LLC. It is an addictive mobile app that tests your ability to distinguish and organize colors across its hundreds of levels. It is based on the basics of the colors, and in the exercises that many art schools all over the world carry out with their students. The main goal of this puzzle is to fill the lines and the columns with the colored tiles that are given in order to create a perfect gradient. Each level is a challenge that tests our ability to distinguish between colors.

It is well known that the majority of the Android and iOS games are copies of copies of copies, but Blendoku is a breath of fresh air in the market. It captivates players with its "apparent" easiness and with its unique gameplay. By using color as the basis for its mechanics, this app offers us an experience that is able to absorb us for hours.

It's interface is simply awesome and its very easy to use. You have two options to control the game; tapping a tile and dragging it to the place you want, or tapping a tile and then tapping the place you want to put it. Blendoku is an adaptable game and is deceptively simple, depending on the level you are playing. At first, the app will guide you through the Easy mode, where you will learn the mechanics of Blendoku, and you will carry out puzzle challenges, which are simple compositions that will consist of simple figures. Once the player finishes those levels, the gameplay becomes more difficult and challenging. You will have hundreds of levels waiting for you to play.

At first, it is simple
At first, it is simple

Simple to use but difficult to master

Our relationship with colors, unless you are a fashion designer or a decoration expert, is usually passive. Most people are normally limited to recognizing black, white, and simple colors and in addition, the majority of the people cannot distinguish between tonalities. Lonely Few has taken this problem and with it, they have created a videogame. Switching between puzzles and the typical app based on action and visual reaction, this videogame will help us differentiate between the colors and organize them depending on their tonality. It may seem boring, but nothing could be more untrue. Blendoku has one of the most fun concepts within the puzzle category.

The main goal of this puzzle is to fill the lines and the columns with the colored tiles that are given in order to get a perfect gradient

Blendoku is the Sudoku of colors. It manages to change something as simple as organizing colors into an addictive and challenging videogame. In addition, it will not only entertain you, but it will help you to widen your perception of the color spectrum. This way, you can play, have fun, and improve your abilities at the same time.

In Medium and Hard mode, everything is a bit more difficult
In Medium and Hard mode, everything is a bit more difficult

Blendoku 1.7.0 Features

Here you can read the unique features of Blendoku:

  • Three different difficulties to choose between: Easy, Medium and Hard
  • Simple gameplay that will catch your attention
  • Hundreds of levels to spend your time on
  • Increasing difficulty as long as you complete levels
  • Very simple to use controls that consist of tapping

If you've liked what we've explained about Blendoku and you want to know more before you download it, feel free to visit the .

Different difficulties to choose
Different difficulties to choose

System Requirements

In order to download and install this free game on your Android device in a correct way, you have to follow the system requirements listed below:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later versions
  • Space: It varies depending on the device

To download it to your iOS device, these are the following requirements :

  • Operating System: iOS 5.0 or later
  • Space: at least 15 MB free