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Brave Frontier RPG 1.1.1

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This is a war game that was developed with the main objective of the game being to fight the enemy whose name is Maxwell because he is the one who is responsible for war to grand Gaia. You will have to develop very many heroes which you will have created so as to fight the enemy who is responsible for bringing war.In this game also another thing that I realized is that you can be able to obtain more heroes to be used to fight the enemy by participating in more events in the game and this will be able to give more advantage to be able to win and defeat the enemy.The heroes have different and unique abilities and you will choose the one that you want.


The following are the features for brave frontier rpg

Ability to develop your character which is the hero.

It’s a multiplayer game when you are online.

Heroes have different abilities.


This game is so amazing because you create your own characters who are heroes.


  • The game is fun to play.
  • The game has stunning graphic


  • the game can be addictive when you are used to playing it
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develop some heroes and make them to fight for you in all your battles

By Faith Mwari

On Monday, November 2, 2015


i just enjoy this game a lot and this is the main reason this is because it is very cutomizable. The.The game has very many heroes that you are going to see around of which you are going to use them to your benefit by making them to fight them for you and you are going to fight for you that is the good thing about them.There is war that has been brought and it has been brought by certan guy that is known as maxwell therefore you are going to use youe heroes to fight against him i mean just how very awesome is this.I will not lie to you folks this is the most hardest game that i have ever played

brave frontier:rpg 1.1.1 features

you can customize your heroes skills

there are many heroes like 200 of them

some levels are hard

controls are a bit challenging


there is nothing different in this game


  • i found the animations awesome
  • i really enjoyed playing it


  • some levels are quite hard
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BRAVE FRONTIER RPG 1.1.1 this is a game published by gumi inc.

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Thursday, October 15, 2015

This is a game which has been developed and published by Gumi inc. Once you download the game you will realise that this game is a good game with various abilities for example you have the ability to control up to 200 monsters and heroes.

It has a very good game play and an exciting storyline and very interesting to play because it is fun to play. The graphics of the game are awesome and the characters are in form of animation. Each hero in this game has its own abilities.


Ability to control more than 200 monster and heroes

You can play this game online

Good graphics that make you enjoy the game more


It is a very good game to play and the graphics of this game make you to play the game more and enjoy the game even more. However i think it is worth mentioning that the game is addictive if you play it often and tiresome f you lay it for long.


  • it is an easy game to play
  • it is a fun game to play


  • it is tiresome game to play
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Brave Frontier RPG is a strategy RPG game developed and published by Gumi Inc. in which you have the ability to create your own army and take the most from your heroes. Your main goal in this adventure is to fight and defeat Maxwell, and evil god that has brought the war to Grand Gaia. This app has been very well developed; it is dynamic in its gameplay, and when playing, you will be able to control up to 200 monsters and heroes. It combines elements of traditional RPGs with features of collection/evolution-based games and the trading card ones, so you will have lots of tasks to do once you download it and start playing.

The graphics of this adventure are worth mentioning. Characters have been designed as anime heroes. You will find bigheaded people with giant eyes and colorful hair. When it comes to playing, the visuals decrease in their quality. However, this is not something bad since the characters and monsters you will see in the arena are cute pixel versions of the actual characters. In addition, you will be amazed at the animations of the fights. Each hero has his or her own special abilities, and those abilities are displayed so awesomely that you will be amazed.


The game consists of turn-based battles in which you decide what hero you want to use to fight the heroes of your opponent. When you start playing, you will be a powerful Summoner. In the first few steps, a creature named Tilith will guide you and will show you all you must know about summoning. Tilith will also teach you how to make your units more powerful, how to combat and basically, how to do almost everything.

Your main goal in this adventure is to fight and defeat Maxwell, and evil god that has brought the war to Grand Gaia

The creatures you will find all have some kind of relation with six elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light. As in games such as Pokémon, each element has its own strengths and weakness. Fire, Water and Earth acts as if they were playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors", and Dark and Light are like enemies, and they both are strong against the other. For this reason,it is very important to develop a smart strategy when it comes to fighting. Exploit the abilities of the elements to face your enemies and avoid summoning units that are weak against your enemy's ones.

Brave Frontier RPG 1.1.1 Features

The main features of Brave Frontier RPG are listed below:

  • Ability to summon more than 200 units (heroes and monsters)
  • Six different elements to take into account in your strategy
  • Ability to fight online with other players
  • Graphics that will remind you of anime cartoons
  • Ability to improve your units and their abilities
  • You can participate in events to obtain more heroes

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System Requirements

To correctly download and install this free game on your Android device, take into account the following requirements:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread or later versions
  • Free Space: 25 MB available on your device

If, on the other hand, you have an iOS device and you want to download Brave Frontier RPG, your device must have these requirements:

  • Operating System: iOS 5.1 or later versions
  • Free Space: at least 36.4 MB available on your device