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MX Player: Enforce your device hardware to keep you uninterruptedly entertained!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I have been using MX player for over one year and therefore this review will uncover all real pros and cons of the software honestly. As everyone, I too landed on this third-party application when I realized my phone’s built-in player is pretty inadequate. After using this app for a few days, I really forgot my phone’s built-in player.

I use MX Player Pro version, which I found cent percent stable by one year use.

Unlike other media players, it truly takes advantage of your hardware resources to boost up your playback quality. It is helpful in ensuring video quality, preventing lags and reducing motion blur up to a great extend. It is as simple as a pie and noobs can easily handle it. Only problem I saw is that when I enable ‘audio player’ option, all video and audio files get displayed together. There’s no way to filter videos from audios and this frustration often makes me mad!

MX Player is the best player for any phone from my experience. I’m happy to recommend this one to all my friends.


  • Hardware acceleration provides better playback
  • Audio can take up to 200% volume levels
  • Very intuitive and easy to use
  • Supports almost all media formats


  • No option to sort videos from audios when audio player enabled
Ease to access guides and manuals:




Having an HD Smartphone with pretty limited media support is quite awful. For most phones, capabilities of built-in media player will be inadequate to make the most of it. Here comes the role of MX player. With uncompromised performance and great support to most media formats, MX player sticks out as a high-definition app in a pool crowded by ad-infested and non-optimized media players.

MX player can play almost every format flawlessly, and therefore you won’t have to mess with converters. Plus, you can get tons of new codec files for your device without spending a penny. For making it free, developer has enabled small banner ads will be displayed in media lineup. But these ads won’t interfere when you are playing video as in other free media players. Overall, it is a free but premium media player. Get MX Player Pro for ad-free playback.

What makes it Premium?

MX Player comes with a hand full of features to enhance your watching experience. It is very flexible and allows customizations in every aspect. Innovative features like Hardware Acceleration, Multi-core Decoding, Gesture support, etc. can take everything to the next level. Overall, it is the best media player for Android.

MX Player features a very minimal, but streamlined interface, which brings all features just below your fingertips. You can customize everything ranging from resume playback screen to the playback preferences, including subtitles for more personalized viewing experience. List background can be changed to either white or black. List visibility is also customizable.

The responsive pan finger, fast-forward, pinch to zoom, rewind and swiping gestures makes the player more sensitive and great for streaming your favorites. Volume and brightness controls available at either sides of the screen are also really handy. Even subtitle parameters can be controlled using simple gestures. With MX Player, navigating inside the media is also very easy!

MX Player can take advantage of strong CPUs and RAM through multicore decoding and hardware acceleration (H/W decoder), resulting in unparalleled playback experience on any format. Developer claims up to 70% increase in performance on dual-core devices compared to those single-core ones, when Multi-core decoding is enabled. Tests with very high resolution videos revealed us that this feature isn’t a gimmick. Watching long HD films is really graceful in MX Player this way.

With the help of external plug-in, you can now entertain your kids without any worries. Once you enabled Kids Lock, your child won’t be able to touch other apps or make calls. Even some hardware buttons will be locked this way. If you need screen lock only, click only the lock button on player screen. It is better to lock the screen while watching videos as it prevents accidental touch inputs.

You can now customize text appearance (font, size, color, border etc.) and Layout (alignment, padding, background color) of subtitles easily at settings menu of MX Player. Size and position of text can be adjusted directly from player screen. H/W acceleration can also be enforced on subtitle drawing. MX Player does a good job in keeping subtitles readable in all backgrounds.

You can now stream videos or songs from any corner of the web by simply inputting the URL. MX Player can deliver high quality playback with less buffering compared to your internet browser (Quality is proportional to network speed anyway). Hardware and software accelerations can be imposed on this web-player mode also.

Your MX Player can work as an audio player too. Just tick the ‘audio player’ option in Audio settings for enabling it. Audio files will be shown along with videos. Song thumbnails will also be displayed on player screen. Audio will be paused automatically as you minimize the app (default setting). You will have to check background playback (audio) option for enabling avoiding it.

MX Player 1.7.22 Features

Here are the 12 great features you will love in MX Player!

  • Hardware Acceleration - Boost your playback experience through Hardware Acceleration. Use your CPU and RAM to the level best for ensuring non-pixelated, smooth flow. Latest version supports H/W+ decoding with Tegra K1 devices also.
  • Multi-Core decoding - Use your phone’s extra cores for realizing uncompromised performance. Dual cores can perform 70% more efficiently than single cores through it.
  • Gesture controls - MX Player support zoom and pan, swipe to volume, swipe to brightness, pinch to zoom etc. for ease of use.
  • Multi-format subtitle support - WebVTT(.vtt), PJS(.pjs), SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass), Teletext, DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS, TMPlayer(.txt), SAMI(.smi), PowerDivX(.psb/.txt), SubRip(.srt), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), MicroDVD(.sub/.txt), SubViewer2.0(.sub) etc. are supported.
  • Subtitle gestures - Zoom in/out for adjusting text size, Move text up and down by scrolling up/down, go to next/previous text by forward/backward scroll etc.
  • Kids Lock - Play your child’s favorites without worries using Kids Lock. Once you locked, your child won’t be able to trigger other apps, make calls etc.
  • Complete Customization - Personalize your MX Player for more comfortable interface. You can change every bit of User Interface with great ease from settings.
  • Great format support - Plays almost everything including .xvid, .3gp, .webm, .avi, .wmv, .divx, .f4v, .vob, .flv, .mov, .mkv, .mpeg, .mp4 and more.
  • Seamless decoding change - You can switch between S/W, HW+ and HW decoding modes quickly while playing using decoder button on top. Deinterlacing can be forced in S/W decoder mode.
  • Displays preview scenes while seeking - helpful when you are searching for a particular part in your movie.
  • Background Play - Let your MX Player continue playing in background by long pressing the play button. Enjoy other apps while listening to music.
  • Volume Boost: Force your phone’s internal speaker to take up to 200% of its original volume.

For more information about MX Player and MX Player Pro, visit official page Click here

System Requirements

Before you download the apk file, make sure that your device can run it!

  • Android: Your device should be powered by at least Android Froyo (2.2). Note: Plug-ins varies with your CPU type. For example, if your phone’s CPU has ARM CORTEX V7 architecture, you should download ARM V7 plug-in.
  • Installation method: Download MX Player apk from PHPNuke. Open the apk file from file manager and click install. When you open, it may ask to get some plug-ins. Install them from Play Store (Never skip them). Enjoy!

Bottom Line

Being very simple and potent, with powerful decoders and great built-in plug-ins, MX Player becomes the most powerful player for Android platform. You can play all types of media with great ease using it. Also, every bit of this player can be customized as you desire. Overall, it knocks down even pro (paid) versions of other media players easily.