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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Full Version




A remake that improves every single aspect of the previous game

By John Zed

On Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is a remake from The Binding of Isaac. Rebirth was made in a new engine, getting rid of the annoying lag spikes from the previous game.

It adds a lot of new features like the ability to save and return to a game session, local multiplayer co-op, controller support and customizable keybinds, and a hard mode with harder enemies and more frequent curses.

The remake also adds more than 150 new items like "Midas Touch" which turn enemies into gold and makes them drop coins, "There's Options" lets you choose 1 out of 2 items after beating a boss or "Red Candle" shoots a red flame that stays in the room; new enemies and bosses like The Haunt or Dingle; new rooms and rooms with different shapes and sizes.

There are 4 new characters: Azazel, Lazarus, Eden and a hidden character. It also adds 20 new challenges with preset items.


  • Better graphics than the previous game
  • Better performance allowing older PCs to play with good frame rate


  • Can be really hard to learn



Help isaac escape all the evil that is haunting him all the time

By Frank Kanyua

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Isaac lived happily with his mother and was breed in a god loving family, but even then evil slowly crept in their home and gained the trust of Isaac’s mother. To her defense she thought that it was the voice from above. The story began when they moved to a new house which was occupied by other creatures, this creatures lived in the basement but no one knew about it.

One day as Isaac was playing, his mother heard a voice that claimed that Isaac was being corrupt by the toys he had and the ways of the world. Isaac’s mother quickly took away Isaac’s toys and his clothes then locked Isaac up in a cod room.

This wasn’t enough, the voice told Isaac’s mother in order to prove her faith she had to kill her son. Blood would then sip into the wooden floor and quench the creatures that lived in the basement. This games adventure starts when Isaac escapes into the basement to avoid being killed by his mother. In the basement he is met by the ugliest and most gruesome of monsters he has ever met. It your duty to help out Isaac destroy all the monsters. You have limited life but you can find extra lives as you play on. Don’t trust anything you see. Don’t trust the dark.


This game though in 2d has a lot to offer the day to day gamer. If you can actually manage to play the game to the end in one go then you are a champ.


  • Though in 2d you will be amazed by the quality of the graphics
  • The game is quite entertaining as it takes a different direction from the others


  • The game is a commercial one



A world of pain and strange creatures has never been this fun!

By Ellie Teller

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the remake version of the classic The Binding of Isaac. This title includes the original game and the Wrath of the Lamb expansion pack as well as improved game engine, enhanced graphics, new items, enemies and secrets to unlock. The game is a rogue-like RPG shooter in which the stages are randomly generated. Rogue-like means that you can develop your character and equip him with powerful items, but once you die you lose everything and it’s time to hit restart and go for another run.

One of the features that make this game stand out of the rest is the synergy between items. For instance, you can pick a Technology 2 which makes you fire laser tears and then a Spoon-Bender to get homing laser shots of death. Isaac can also transform into another character if you pick certain items. Pro tip: if you get three fly-related items, you will become the Lord of the Flies, gaining flight and turning all flies into allies. Try it out!


  • Random worlds allow for almost unlimited possibilities
  • The synergy between items can make or break your run!


  • This is hands down the best indie game ever made. Flawless.




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  • The first binding of Isaac game, absolutely loved it. So I'm pretty excited to play this one now. Thank you very much for offering this download

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  • this game is by far one of my most favorite games on ps4 so i really wanted to download it on computer without having to pay for it again so thanks.

  • i like the game because of its sound track and creative style also it just really fun to play when im bored and its also challenging for some


The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated RPG shooter designed by Edmund McMillen, developed by Nicalis Inc, and published by Sony and Valve. It is the remake of the original The Binding of Isaac and the expansion Wrath of the Lamb, and now it is available for PC, Mac, PS Vita and the next-gen console PlayStation 4.

It is a top-down 2D game in which you will control Isaac, a traumatized little boy who is fleeing from his mother. Nevertheless, why should a little child flee from his mother? Because his mother wants to sacrifice him to God because she says that God has spoken to her. As you can see, the storyline is quite interesting. In addition, the creatures you will find when you enter the dungeons of the basement are disturbing enough even if you don't know they are unborn siblings of Isaac or creatures like that.

The feeling you have once you download and play this game should be similar to the one you have when your mother pursues you with a knife with the purpose of sacrificing you to God: familiar but terrifying. Playing this adventure is perturbing since there is always a new item, creature or whatever. You can play for hours and there will always be new items that you don't know what to do with until you use them. In addition, there will always be new enemies that will mess things up a bit more. You will also face every session with different items that randomly appear, so every time you play the game will be absolutely different.

Cooperative Multiplayer

This long-awaited videogame will have some new features that its predecessor (the original flash videogame) did not have. It is remarkable the change in the graphics art style, now more polished and with more quality. The soundtrack has also changed, but it is still a piece of art by Danny Baranowsky. Nevertheless, the most noticeable new addition is the multiplayer cooperative modeeven when it has been introduced in a way that not many people expected.

The creatures you will find when you enter the dungeons of the basement are disturbing

The first thing worth mentioning is that a second player can access the way any time. It does not matter if you are in a deserted dungeon or fighting a boss. The appearance of the player two is a flying foetus (it perfectly fits the style) that will have just a heart of life. The player one will activate the abilities and the items that have just one use, but they will also affect the player two, so the strategic approach is latent. The stats of both players are the same, but the damage is higher for the second players because of its lack of hearts.

If the player two dies, he or she is free to return, but they will have different features and new abilities such as special tears or he or she can have the abilities of a determined character such as Maggie. You may think that this is a great advantage, but never in the world of Isaac; the second player will be cursed once he or she reappears and the possibilities of finding a troll bomb are increased while the possibilities of finding keys, coins or chests are decreased. In addition, the multiplayer option will only be local, so forget about the online multiplayer.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Full Version Features

You can read the main features of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth listed in this section:

  • Improved graphics that keep up the pixel art
  • New cooperative multiplayer available
  • About 150 new items
  • New playable characters
  • Available for PC and consoles
  • Ability to play Easy and Hard difficulty
  • Ability to save the session and play it later

If you like this creepy adventure and you want to know more about the game before you download it to your PC, please, feel free to visit the official website .

Final bosses
Final bosses

System Requirements

Here you will find the minimum system requirements needed to download and play The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth on your PC:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later versions
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon 7000 64 MB, NVidia GeForce 6200 LE or better
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive Space: 64 MB free