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Kings of the Realm 1.7.0

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Kings of the Realm is an online strategy game developed by Kabam in which you will join millions of other players in a vast world. Take positions, defend or attack other parties to conquer other territories and crown yourself the most powerful king that ever has been in these lands. Download the free MMO for either Android or iOS and make your strategies from everywhere.

The success of this title lies in the great number of possibilities about the management of your army and available heroes. This free-to-play title combines some roleplaying features to the strategy title, including heroes as leaders of your units. The vast content of the game will be enough to make you play for at least a couple of hours daily.

The hi-def graphics improve the fantastic artwork of the developers even more, showing beautiful environments.

The design of the characters and the cities resemble classic RPG titles from Western companies. The 1080p HD graphics looks well on tablet devices due to its native higher resolution. The hi-def graphics improve the fantastic artwork of the developers even more, showing beautiful environments. The different settlements that you can see show the level of design the game has reached.


As in any MMO strategy game for mobile devices, this Kings of the Realm has been adapted for touch interfaces, making all the actions appear as buttons in the main game screen. The management of your resources such as your army’s soldiers can be done more easily than with the web browser version. The map and the city are the main parts that you need to control to get used to.

Recruiting new units for forming your powerful troops is one of the basic elements during the game. You can use from human soldiers to trolls, gryphons and even basilisks. Combining these armies with new equipment will form a dreadful army to attacks other players or Orc settlements near your cities. Recruiting valuable commanders will boost the power of your armies, such as Sadon, a smuggler-turned-hero, exclusively for Android devices, or the deadly Maerwynn heroine for iOS.

You can join other players in creating online alliances to reach the top of the leaderboards. This is your best opportunity for global domination, since you can chat with other players, immediately messaging in real-time. Download the game and fight against other merciless kings and claim victory over your enemies, fulfilling all the achievements and winning the tournaments against other leaders.

Manage your territory
Manage your territory

Kings of the Realm 1.7.0 Features

Check the ultimate features of Kings of the Realm for your mobile device:

  • Enjoy this fantasy MMO recruiting a great variety of beasts and human soldiers
  • Conquest a vast territory and crown yourself king of the land by defending your kingdom
  • Recruit infamous heroes that will boost your army’s power coordinating your units
  • Manage your army and research more technologies for making your units more powerful
  • Get the mystical shrines over the map to gain buffs for your troops
  • Optimized game for tablets and HD mobile devices without downloading more content
  • Play offline and in the online multiplayer mode with chat messaging system

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System Requirements

Check out the the minimum resources of this game in the following section:

  • Operating System: iOS 6, Android 4 or up
  • Size: 55MB free space