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Airheads Jump: Play it for once... You won't be able to stop jumping!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, September 22, 2014

Airheads Jump is very similar to Bounce Tales game in old Nokia phones, with similarities in graphics, characters, mechanism and even the addictiveness. Like Bounce, here we see Airheads, which keeps on bouncing constantly to the heights. All you have to do is to collect a threshold value of coins by moving Airhead to left or right, by simply tilting the device.

Airheads let you play at different locations including beach and jungle. Grassy steps are present all-over and you can land on any of them. Along with coins, some power-ups will also be there on these steps. Use them wisely and reach a threshold height to pass the level. Enjoyable funny animations are waiting for you at finishing points and points counting. There are more than 100 such levels in this game. Level progression is very similar to Candy Crush Saga.

Airheads Jump is a great addictive game for Android and iOS. Once you played it, you won’t be able to stop playing it. You will definitely fall in love with Airheads and their world. If you have this game on your device, you won’t have to wander for something else for passing hours!


  • Great graphics and funny animations
  • Physics and controls are awesome
  • Power-ups are helpful in certain levels
  • It has a very addictive gameplay


  • Boredom due to repetition in many places
  • Levels seems to be so short
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A quick look at this game will give you a hint of the reasons for its success. Creating an entertaining game is not an easy thing to do when a formula has been used over and again. However, Airheads Jump has taken the same mechanics of other jump games and turned them into some fresh air for your mobile device. Developed by TabTale, you can download this game for iOS and Android mobile devices for free.

The technical aspect of the game shows a smooth movement of the ball which you can choose to play how you like. The design is very charming with cute beach balls jumping over all obstacles while you run away from the savage Tiki inhabitants of the island after the plane ejected all its unnecessary cargo.

The design is very charming with cute beach balls jumping over all obstacles while you run away from the savage Tiki inhabitants

The game app introduces some items that can be purchased in the in-app store. These items will concede initial boost per stage you want. Get additional coins, protect your character from the enemies with a bubble shield or even attract more coins with a magnet item. Enjoy the adventure of exploring the island with all the help you can get.

Use special boost powers
Use special boost powers


The mechanics of Airheads Jump are simple in order to make Airheads Jump suitable for every kind of user. Similar to Doodle Jump, in this title you will have to tilt the device to make the ball jump in the direction you want. As simple as that, this game will be a real challenge in case you want to get all the extra content it hides. You can also tap on the screen for boosting your ball and aiding it in its jumps.

As an additional objective, you will have to run from different enemies, such as the Tikis with their crazy Tiki Titan that will devour you the moment it catches you. There are several kinds of levels with different motifs, not only the beach or the jungle. Playing through the different stages will unlock Aztec environments, among other stages such as volcano levels. Complete more than 100 levels and unlock all the secret scenery content.

The diversity of balls for playing is really the extent, introducing some characters such as pirates, wizards and even vampires. You can choose whichever you want to play, from the moment you set them free. Each one of these balls can be levelled up in order to gain a powerful boost, so it is recommendable to play with them in order to know which one you prefer.

Explore the whole Tiki island
Explore the whole Tiki island

Airheads Jump 1.2.2 Features

Check the main features of Airheads Jump for mobile devices:

  • Easy-to-play jump game suitable for every kind of player
  • HD graphics with an astonishing design and smooth
  • Link your game progress to your Facebook account and get additional prizes
  • Choose between a huge diversity of airheads and boost their abilities
  • Enjoy hours of fun with more than 100 available levels without the need for further downloads

Discover all the possible details of the Airheads Jump app checking the .

System Requirements

Here you can check the minimum resources for running Airheads Jump:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 5.1 or later
  • Size: 39MB free space for Android or 55.4MB for iOS