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Six-Guns 2.5.0j

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for entertainment purposes like u know when i am bored andd dont wanna do anything but ride a horse around and shoot people in the 17th century

  • for playing as a cowboy, riding horses and killing bandits, witches, zombies, and other dangerous deadly monsters. Also exploring the wild west

What do you like most about this program?
  • roaming with horse,cowboy, guns, missions,places,style,graphics,music,snakes,pigs,bulls,houses,variety people riding with horses,we should kill them


The Wild West has never looked so good on a mobile device as it does in Six-Guns. This game app is designed for Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android and iOS and has been developed by one of the most popular game studios, Gameloft. Explore the Wild Frontier looking for bandits and outlaws in a free and vast world to download.

You take the place of Buck, a cowboy that fights against bandits in order to discover who killed his wife. This painful memory appears several times during the game, making a stain on your soul. Meet characters like the Exorcist or the Sheriff in your path to wipe out evil from existence.

Six-Guns just looks superb on the kinds of devices it has been designed for

Although the game has been specially designed for running on mobile devices, Six-Guns offers good details. The graphics aspect, including the characters’ modelling, would pass for a console or PC game due to its well-applied effects. However, once you watch the game running, you can notice that the movement of the characters and elements are not as realistic as you probably thought the first time you put your hands on the title. Even though, Six-Guns just looks superb on the kind of devices it has been designed for.

Draw your gun against the bad guys
Draw your gun against the bad guys


Six-guns offers a nice control pattern due to the touch interface. Use the virtual pad to move around the different places in the game. Tap on the spotlight in order to aim properly, but you won’t be able to move while you are in this mode. The action button is located to the right side of the screen, showing the number of bullets available. The different abilities appear as buttons on the screen, such as your horse. Explore the different city scenarios and get more skills and content thanks to the in-app store.

During the main storyline of Six-Guns you will have different missions available, almost all of them kill-or-be-killed situations. Immersed in the Wild West, this brand-new game introduces some new items for increasing your power such as the bloodthirsty berserk mode, essential to overcome hordes of enemies, or other accessible skills such as the ability to lurk while you are escaping from dangerous situations in the city.

Besides the bandits and outlaws you will meet supernatural creatures. Vampires and witches will challenge you to the death while the herald of the apocalypse War is to be revealed upon Earth. Take on all unnatural challenges and guide Buck Crosshaw to the real cause of his wife’s death.

Upgrade and buy new weapons
Upgrade and buy new weapons

Six-Guns 2.5.0j Features

Discover the features of this game app for PC and mobile devices:

  • Enjoy the Wild West in a free world set in Oregon and Arizona, riding your horse and exploring new cities and areas
  • More than 40 varied missions available at the moment, plus more to download with updates
  • Great graphics design with detailed environments and awesome landscapes
  • Fight against all bandits, outlaws and even mystical creatures
  • Play the multiplayer arena game mode without any additional download
  • Level up and unlock different content such as new horses and outfits

Find out much more about Six-Guns visiting its developer’s website and discover more about the app.

Ride on you own and explore the frontier
Ride on you own and explore the frontier

System Requirements

Check the system requirements for Six-Guns:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8, Android 2.3 or iOS 5.1
  • Size: 456MB for iOS, 660MB for Android and 434MB free space for Windows Phone
  • Requires 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 256MB Video card and 2HB HDD for PC version