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Genius Scan 1.4.2

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, March 9, 2015


This is a very great application that was developed for scanning your documents using your mobile device I mean how great this is because you do not have to carry your very large scanning machine all around thanks for the developers for developing this application. As the name suggests genius it is indeed because it scans perfectly just as the normal scanner. Another great thing about this application is that it has smart page detection and also you can also your image that is after you have scanned it and you want it to appear as clear or as perfect as possible. You can also be able to combine the multiple signs and be able to form pdf files.


The following are the features of genius scan 1.4.2

Be able to scan the documents

Produces quality scans.

Be able to print documents over the air scan.


Download this application and be able to make scanning easy.


  • It is very easy to use application.
  • It is free of charge to download.


  • There is some unwanted noise created.
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Scan all your documents with much ease everywhere anytime by using the Genius Scan

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ever thought that your smartphone can be used as a scanner and enjoy all the convenience that comes with a phone. If not you need to rethink again because Genius Scan which comes for free and is developed by Grizzly Labs will change your smartphone in to a scanner which you can take anywhere you go. This application will allows users scan all documents and save them as either PDF files or even as JPEG

Genius Scan integrates emails and other social networks and this ensures that you can send your scanned documents through your phone making it very convenient. This scanner comes with wonderful feature which include smart page detection and brightness adjustments making it produce wonderful end results. Besides it quality results this software scans documents within shorter time. This scanner comes with the convenience of portability meaning one can take it with him anywhere. This scanner can automatically crop scanned documents and can also print the scanned documents using AirPrint


  • - It is portable and easy to carry unlike other scanners
  • Produces high quality end results
  • - It is free to download and use


  • - Only available for few mobile phone devices
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Transform your smartphone into a pocket document scanner and carry it wherever you go

By Reka Gimbi

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When we need to scan a document and we are not near a scanner life becomes a bit hard especially if that document is urgent since you have to wait until you go near the scanning machine. This is no more since Grizzy Labs have an application which you can carry and use anywhere anytime. Genius Scan is what i am referring to. Genius Scan is an application for smartphones used to scan documents using a the phone camera. The documents produced after the scan are of high quality value since the app has advanced features like that of image enhancement, brightness adjustment, smart page detection and less time scanning among others. When scanning the app algorithm detects page frame corners, crops the document to scan the necessary areas, and it takes care of the photo perspectives then it produces the final perfect results. After the scan you can use that scanned document again since Genius Scan has a gallery to keep the scan records. One of its many features is the integration with social networks and email and also has cloud features. Email integration helps one to email documents immediately they scan to keep work fast moving. It also supports direct Dropbox which helps in reducing your paper loads by scanning them and then store them in the Dropbox.

With more than 11 features this application is very useful for personal or business use. It is very useful for students to reduce carrying loads of papers and it only requires Apple device powered by iOS 7.0 or higher and Android 2.2.


  • Able to print documents over AirPrint.
  • Store scans and share with friends online
  • Its scans are of very high quality


  • If not used well people can leak company secrets especially those that accept 'bring your own device' system
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What do you like most about this program?
  • the programme is helpful easy to understand and studens can easily use gramamr in context thanks for this collection it really helpful thank

  • saves my work in pdf format. I can save the work and pictures that I scan without any possible further aletrations or changes.I seen it earlier.


Genius Scan is a wonderful free application developed by Grizzly Labs, which can transform your Smartphone as a pocket document scanner. It lets you scan documents quickly using phone camera and produce multi-page PDF files or scanned images (JPEG) as output on the go. You can produce quality scans just like a scanner even if the phone camera is pretty average.

According to the developer, Genius Scan could earn more than 11 million satisfied users within a short period. As it is constantly praised by many, it was featured as App of the week several times by Apple. If you have this application installed on your phone, you will never have to wander for internet cafes for making scans anymore. Also, its integrated email, social network and cloud features will take everything to the next level.

What makes it Genius?

Most people download Genius Scan as a substitute of scanner. It requires nothing more than your Smartphone, which you will carry everywhere you go. So, it is more convenient compared to portable and flatbed scanners. You can avoid paying for such expensive devices. As the app comes with advanced features like smart page detection, image enhancement, brightness adjustments, perspective correction etc, scanning time is also considerably less compared to real scanners.

Genius Scan algorithm can automatically detect the corners of page frame, and perform crops in order to avoid unnecessary areas. You don’t have to take perfect level photos as this automatically corrects the page perspective also. This cropped photo is subjected to post-processing, which will produce your desired results either in color or black-and-white.

Genius Scan keeps record of all scans in its own gallery. You can title or tag each scan for organizing them. You can later find those files using powerful search function. Genius Scan respects your privacy and therefore no post-processing is carried out on third-party server. Developer recommends sharing document over Wifi so that you can access it easily from computer. You can print the document through AirPrint.

Small businesses which support BYOD (bring your own device) system loves Genius Scan as their employees can immediately email important documents like sales agreement, bills, contracts etc. to the headquarters upon signature. They will be able to expedite expense reports easily by joining all receipts to a single PDF quickly and send to Expensify if necessary.

You can avoid carrying a bundle of papers if you scan and archive them on Dropbox. Genius Scan facilitates direct Dropbox access also. Students mostly use this app for simply scanning book pages, handwritten notes, memos and even the whiteboard in university for sharing them in circles. People evenscan napkin sketches, restaurant menu, cooking recipe etc. using this app for sharing on social networks like Twitter.

Genius Scan 1.4.2 Features

Here are the 11 great features that make Genius Scan unique!

  • Genius Scan is absolutely free to download
  • Scan anything quickly using your mobile camera
  • High quality scans – Cannot distinguish between mobile scans and scanner scans
  • Merge multiple scans to form multi-page PDF files
  • Archive your scans and share with colleagues – Supports email, Box, WebDAV, Dropbox, Twitter, Evernote, FTP, Expensify, OneNote, Facebook, OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Print documents easily over AirPrint
  • Post-processing is carried out within mobile phone itself
  • Background removal of scans is possible
  • Perspective correction and page frame detection for better scans
  • Scans can be exported as JPEG images
  • Scans are organized using titles and tags for easy identification using powerful search function

Offerings of Genius Scan are not limited to these 11… Checkout their official website for more information: Click Here!

System Requirements

Your device should meet at least the minimum system requirements to run the app flawlessly.

  • Apple: Any Apple device powered by iOS 7.0 or higher can run it.
  • Android: Your phone should be running at least on Android 2.2.


Genius Scan is a great free application which can transform your mobile camera into a documents scanner. It lets you scan all kind of documents quickly at high quality. You can produce both color and black and white outputs as you like using this application. As scanning is an inevitable function you will need at anytime, you should have Genius Scan installed on your Smartphone.Note: Scan quality depends totally on efficiency of your phone camera. For best results, conduct scans at properly lit conditions only.