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Iron Knights 1.2.2

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Iron Knights surprised accessible both for what its approach and so controversial play its role as free-to-play.

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The action RPG, have a strong presence and a special power of attraction for many players throughout the different continents.

Iron Knights hack and slash functions as and as RPG and action in equal parts, and it shows from the first minute we started the app: it's frantic, fresh and very addictive.

Iron Knights begins as do the great stories of the fantasy genre: an imminent threat from an ancient evil.

As a knight, our mission is clear, despite the daring of our mission, not be alone. Iron Knights is an important strategic component that will allow us to add certain warriors, knights creatures and our group.

Iron Knights offers four great game modes: on the one hand, we have the Chasing Mode, in which we will face countless dungeons, the Chaos Tower, where we inmiscuiremos in a kind of survival mode against waves of creatures and luck PvP mode in which we will fight and compete against other players via internet.

Broadly speaking, Iron Knights is a classic RPG, though somewhat light


  • It is an entertaining and fun game
  • Huge potential as role-playing game and Dungeons


  • It gets a little repetitive
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From time to time new major games are released for mobile devices in which the spectacular graphic aspect can even compete against some console and PC titles. In this case you can observe for yourself the splendid aspect of Iron Knights. This action RPG title has been released for free download for Android and iOS mobile devices.

The first impression about the game is that the technical aspect is one of the main features it has. The level of detail of the immersive environments and the character model designs are similar to popular major PC games. The effects and illumination are rather good for this type of game designed for mobile devices. In exchange for this graphical aspect, the game needs a device powerful enough to run it without lag.

The level of detail of the immersive environments and the character model designs are similar to popular major PC games.

Iron Knights includes a stamina-based system in which you will depend on this stat in order to keep grinding. This can be solved by purchasing some items in the in-app store, but if you want the game to remain free, it will take some time in order to keep playing. This store includes some other items that can boost your stats in case you consider it necessary, instead of taking several hours fighting against all kinds of bosses and enemies.

Unleash dreadful combos
Unleash dreadful combos


The general control system is good, showing all the actions directly on the screen. However, the combo system could be improved for other platforms since they have more variety in order to set controls. By all means, the touch control interface can be improved, and that makes the game weaker in that aspect.

You can set your party including up to four different members that will face the dangers of the Dark King Maggedron. Set your ultra-powerful equipments and upgrade them in order to increase the damages with the combinations of your weapons and the devastating skills. Set your abilities strategically to increase the amounts of damage to certain type of enemies, depending mostly on their elemental type; Lighting, Fire, Ice or Poison.

You can test your skills as a player in the multiplayer game mode. Play aside to the storyline and make the other players acknowledge your strength in the PVP mode and unleash your ultimate attacks against your rivals. In case you want to test your skills on your own, the mode Infinite Fortress of Chaos will challenge all you know about Iron Knights.

Use all kinds of abilities
Use all kinds of abilities

Iron Knights 1.2.2 Features

Find the main important features for Iron Knights in this section:

  • Enjoy the fantastic action RPG gameplay and slash hundreds of enemies and final bosses
  • Combine a high number of skills for triggering devastating effects upon your enemies
  • Play the multiplayer game mode and unleash all your power in the PVP
  • Several game modes available in which you can test your real ability
  • Collect all heroes and form the party you want up to four members
  • Combine the different elements of Fire, Lighting, Ice and Poison
  • Upgrade your equipment performing fusions with other looted items
  • Get additional content in the in-app store of the game

Get into the and discover all the elements hidden in this game to download.

System Requirements

Check the requirements for Iron Knights before getting the app:

  • Operating System: iOS 5, Android 2.3.3 or later
  • Size: 35MB and additional free space for the content to download