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Xender: The perfect solution to overcome Apple - Android boundaries!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Thursday, September 11, 2014

Introductory sentence given to this review is exactly correct. Xender contains everything to build an unbounded tech world. Xender is a solution for multiple data transmission based questions including transfer speed and apple-android restrictions. It not only facilitates quicker transmissions, but also apple to android transmissions.

Xender uses your Wifi hotspot for transferring files. Therefore Wifi will be always enabled when Xender is running in background. As it utilizes nothing from the mobile network or data, you won’t have to worry about internet charges. My iPhone 4s could hit up to 4 Mbps speed on transmission with Xperia Z1. Only error I found in Xender is the directory error with SD Card. In my case, no suggestions could solve it.

If you are looking for a perfect transmission application, go for Xender. It can give you complete transmission freedom and speed. When you have it, there won’t be any Apple-Android restrictions before you. Go for it!


  • No more Apple - Android restrictions
  • Speed up your transmissions with hotspot method
  • Quickly create or join groups
  • High security to your data


  • It creates public hotspot for groups
  • Directory errors with SD Cards
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By Dann Kamau

On Friday, June 12, 2015

Xender 2.1.0603

Xender is an update of the Flash Transfer utility and comes with powerful features to enable data transfer between two phones even with different operating systems at a very high transmission speeds. It is a better alternative to the Bluetooth utility in that it can achieve transmission speeds 50 times faster than Bluetooth can. To use Xender both sending and receiving devices must have it installed. Xender is currently the fastest data transmission application available on Google Play and itunes. You will be able to send and receive all kinds of files including applications, games, movies, sound tracks, folders, documents etc. It utilizes the real power of Wi-Fi direct. If the friend you want to connect to does not have Xender installed, you can send a copy of your Xender using in-application transmission method that uses Bluetooth (process known as Bluetooth invitation). There are other methods like two-dimensional scanning and also you can send a link as an SMS directly from Xender.

The user interface of Xender is very friendly and intuitive. It is such a powerful application in that you can even send large files at great transmission speeds without even zipping them.


  • It offers the fastest data transmission speeds
  • -It is easy to install and use


  • Possibility of third parties illegally accessing your data
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Share Files From Your Mobile Device With The New Xender 2.1.0603

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Monday, September 7, 2015

Sometimes you need to share data through mobile devices from one device to the other. The current transfer options available are some what laborious and slow when you need to transfer larger files. With the Xender technology you are able to send large amounts of data in just a few seconds with just a slight shake of your device. Xender is a great free transmission application which utilises the power of WiFi direct. It has no bounds to the type of data being shared and can support all kinds of files including apps, music, games among others.

To send data across phones using xender both phones must have the xender app installed on them. If your friend does not have xender then you can send them the app using Bluetooth. When you are both connected set up the WiFi hotspot by hitting the create a connection button.Xender support multiple phones that can connect together in a group. Select the files you want to share and send them by shaking your phone. Xender runs an android and apple platforms and can be obtained through either Bluetooth sharing invitation via text message.

Xender is a great and fast way to send files. The transmission technology used here ensures that even the larger files are shared in a very short time.


  • It has a very fast transmission system.
  • It can support multiple users and send them files.


  • It can not send to phones that dont have it installed.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am using this software for transferring files from my mobile to my laptop like sharing photos applications music and big files like movies

  • For Share data between computers and mobiles because my cell phone is not support usb cable. Some functions may not work properly in my mobile

  • for Sharing music video pdf apk to save time to any device across it so it would be helpful to use xender as it sends files quickly faster than Bluetooth

  • Transfer and watching movie,searching for an educational materials on your server,also to check for the latest version of your application in order to educate people

  • transfering file from my laptop to mobile because shareit it not working in my laptop n i m helpless searching for other option to transfer movies

What similar programs have you used?
  • share it xender app share flash transfer iphone 4s ios file download a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  • zapya is the last similar programme which i have used before but i wana try it also hope that this one will be good then zapya share it and

  • As soon application reaches lender’s office, their officers care the whole lending process and give you quick money. Always do sufficient research and comparison of numerous

  • nothing yet i would like to use xender. becouse my friends have suggested me to download it and see the difference. looking forward to see .

What do you like most about this program?
  • good software thanks for giving nice softwearXender for PC Windows is the ideal choice for all those android users who are looking for best quality transmission app to help them transfer files with blazingly fast speed.

  • transferring videos and musics and files from mobile phones,and also sharing eith applications and some other programs including softwares only

  • how it made transfering materials too easy because android includin ipd,it was difficult to send or get a file but now since we use xender, i hope everything will be easy

  • fast transfer of any files and eco friendly too nice one xender keep up the good work you should go update this for some or few improvements

  • communication to one mobile to another phone and processing was very good or they have so fastest receiving any docuent vedios and other apps


We are living in a fast moving world, for which faster data transfer is very crucial for existence. Existing resources are updated or new technologies are developed in time to balance its increasing requirement. Recent Smartphone evolution also emphasized tremendous growth of data transfer technologies, and now we have 3G and 4G networks which can download even a couple of GBs within minutes.

Even though we have ultra-fast internet, phone to phone data transfer using the prominent Bluetooth technology is yet to gain some extra speed. It becomes inconvenient when you send large volumes of data. Here is the role of Xender. Xender is the fastest data transmission app available on Google Play and iTunes. It offers up to 50 times faster data transfer than Bluetooth.

Why people go for it?

Xender was known as Flash Transfer earlier. It is a great free transmission app which utilizes the real power of Wi-Fi direct. You can send all kinds of files including apps, games, movies, songs, folders, documents etc. at lightning speed by simply shaking your device. Only requirement is that both the sender and receiver devices should have Xender installed in them.

By the arrival of Xender, gap between Android and Apple got reduced to a greater extend. Xender can transmit data between two phones powered by different operating systems. Xender is powered by direct-connection technique, which utilizes no data, SIM Card or Wi-Fi internet. It can take up to 2m/s speed so that you can even transfer a full length movie within 50 seconds.

Sending Files

If your friend doesn’t have Xender on his device, you can send a copy of your Xender using in-app transmission method, which uses Bluetooth. When both of you are set up, one of you should initiate a Wi-Fi hotspot by clicking Create a connection button. Those who are willing to join the group should click the Search to Join button and select the group. Xender supports multi-phones interconnect so that you can have as many friends as possible in a group. Select the files to be shared and send them by simply shaking the device or clicking send button.

You can help your friend to get Xender in different ways. One way is the Bluetooth invitation, which we saw above. Your friend should have enabled ‘unknown resources’ on his/hers phone in order to install the Xender apk received this way. Other method is two-dimensional code scanning. One can get Xender free download link by scanning the code using their phone. Also, you can send a link as SMS directly from Xender. Use second and third methods only if you don’t care about data flow or if you have a fast WLAN environment. If yours is an old version of Xender and your friend needs the latest version, ask him to download it from PHPNuke or app stores.

Transformation of Flash Transfer to Xender refined the transmission technique to a greater extend. Xender doesn’t trigger multiple sensors other than your Wi-Fi Direct simultaneously so that it doesn’t drink as much juice as other applications do. Also, Wi-Fi zone created by Xender gets more coverage compared to Bluetooth. User Interface of Xender is very intuitive and clean.

Xender 2.1.0603 Features

Here are the 10 best features of Xender.

  • Support cross-platform file sharing – Reduces gap between Apple and Android
  • No need of internet to transfer files
  • Any kind of data can be shared through Xender
  • No need of zipping files and folders before sharing
  • Xender is absolutely free; But no compromise on performance
  • Lightning fast data transfer – More than 2m/s speed
  • You can share Xender or its link with friends using Bluetooth, SMS invitation or 2D code scanning
  • Xender has got intuitive user interface
  • Can share apps and games directly without duplication
  • Xender is power efficient – No need to run out of juice after large volume transmission

System Requirements

Before heading getting the application, please make sure that your device can run the app!

Android: Device should be using Android 2.3.3 or higher as operating system.

Apple: Xender can run on iPod touch, iPhone and iPad flawlessly. iOS 6.0 is minimum requirement.


Xender is a great transmission medium which can transfer files even between different platforms. It can transfer files at greater speed compared to Bluetooth. It utilizes the Wi-Fi direct technology so that it can take more than 2m/s transfer speed. No internet connection required. You can send any kind of file including apps without zipping..

Note: If it shows SD Card directory is not available, you may have to save the file to internal storage (change directory to internal storage in options). Bluetooth invitation of Xender is not available in cross-platform transfers. Wi-Fi zone created by Xender will be open (available to public), and won’t have any passwords. But, no one will be able to access your mobile data through it. Anyway, make sure that strange people are not creeping to your group and stealing your data.