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The new season has started, and as a supporter of one of the NFL teams you will want to get all the information about players, news or the highlights of the most recent game. With NFL Mobile, the access to all the data about the league is granted in just a tap. The app is available to download for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and iOS devices for free, so connect it to the Internet and discover what is hidden behind the screens.

Right from your smartphone or your tablet, you can access the official information about all the teams in the NFL league. For this new season, NFL Mobile has been revamped in order to update its aspect and optimize its performance for the new mobile devices available in the market. Although the software per se is free, you can make use of several premium services that can be added via subscription. Among these features, NFL RedZone offers the best football moments in real-time, for watching immediately whenever a team scores a touchdown.

For those Verizon users, the premium subscription will grant access to live games via streaming on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. The advantages of using this app are great, watching the games of any team from wherever you are without missing any aspect of the league. The more you use NFL Mobile, the more you will be asking yourself how you ever lived without it before.

Check the schedule and the last games
Check the schedule and the last games

All for the fans

Thanks to NFL Mobile, football fans can track the team they support with the NFL Network. Get information 24/7 about your favorite players and squads during all the season. Customize the notifications and the alerts for smartphones with a comprehensive interface, making it more user-friendly than previous versions. NFL Mobile gets the best action with the videos from the official site on demand.

Follow the progress of your team through the preseason; check the rosters, the schedules and the touchdowns and goal fields your favorite team scores. Through NFL Mobile you can manage your NFL Fantasy Football team, changing details whenever you want without having to visit the site, managing everything from your smartphone or tablet.

The software requires your geographic location in order to offer accurate data and to perform the blackout in case you are in a 75 radius from the stadium of the home’s team. Unfortunately, and due to restrictions in the service, the live video feature is not available for Chromecast and cannot be played in a TV via HDMI.

Watch the highlights of the game
Watch the highlights of the game

NFL Mobile 11.1.1 Features

Discover the main features of NFL Mobile before the download:

  • Get all the information about the league and its teams in real-time just by checking your mobile device
  • Customizable alerts for the news about your favorite team and players
  • Check the best touchdowns that your team scores with the highlight videos from the web
  • Manage your Fantasy football team of your own personal league
  • Watch all the games through a subscription to the premium services

For additional information about the NFL app, check in this link the official site .

System Requirements

Find the minimum resources for your mobile device to run NFL Mobile here:

  • Operating System: Android, iOS 7, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 or later
  • Size: 30MB free space (download size varies with the system)