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Trials Frontier 2.3.0

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Hop on your bike and step on the gas to show off your skills

By Ellie Teller

On Friday, November 27, 2015

Trials Frontier is a 2D physics-based videogame for mobile devices that will allow you to drive the most amazing motorcycles across a variety of scenarios. You will be able to customize both your character and your bike, as well as upgrade its different parts with loot that you will receive after completing different challenges, so feel free to create the ultimate road monster and show the world who´s the best rider ever.

The gameplay mechanics couldn´t be easier, yet tricky to master. You have to use the touch control of your device to tilt your bike left or right to compensate the slopes so you don´t fall, while the other hand must accelerate or brake when needed. With these simple settings you will have to make your way through sky high hills and dangerous obstacles across a wide variety of scenarios with scaling difficulty with nothing but your bike and your skill.


  • A huge world with over 250 challenges to complete
  • The physics work in a proper way


  • Overall a nice game to have, no major flaws here
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Critically-acclaimed, the award-winning Trials Frontier is a different racing game, in which you will have to get total control of your motocross bike doing tricks for increasing your score. The game is available for free in the official download channels, released for iOS and Android systems. Discover the funny and dangerous world of Trials Frontier riding your bike forever.

With a touch-based control system, this bike game for smartphone has turned into a best-selling app in no time, showing the unrivaled entertainment it assures. This hilarious game counts with a huge diversity of elements that will make you spend hours discovering the world of Trials Frontier and all it hides for you. New parts for your bike, upgrading elements for improving the gameplay and a robust physics-based system are the main reasons to try the title developed by Redlynx studio, belonging to the mobile division of Ubisoft.

The crazy design of the characters gives Trials Frontier a unique spirit, mixing classic elements of motorcycling and popular culture

Technically, the game includes all the elements an app like this should include. The crazy design of the characters gives Trials Frontier a unique spirit, mixing classic elements of motorcycling and popular culture. The effects and the details of the environments, as well as their animations, give a hint of the work that the creators have done.

Ride throughout all the world
Ride throughout all the world


The basic controls of this game to download are showed in the interface as arrows in the part below of the screen. Although Trials Frontier has been ported directly from console systems, the adapted controls respond well enough. The arrows control the movements of the bike, backward and forward. Once you jump, you can tilt the motorbike for spinning and doing tricks.

You can customize both your character and your motorcycle, changing the physical aspect and the features of the vehicle. This will require mad loot, the currency of the game for getting additional content. The in-app store can make the progress faster and easier instead of having to grind constantly to get that part you need to pass the next level.

Explore the huge world of Trials Frontier with more than 250 different challenging missions already. The abilities you can unlock will help you, not only in the storyline mode but also in the multiplayer mode, in which the challenges against your friends will decide your skills. This amazingly designed free-to-play racing will entertain most of the player that will put their hands on it.

Upgrade and improve your motorcycle
Upgrade and improve your motorcycle

Trials Frontier 2.3.0 Features

Check the main features of Trials Frontier to download for Android and iOS devices:

  • Skill-based racing game with a friendly interface and easy control system
  • Explore a huge world with ten different environments where you can show your true abilities
  • Compete against your friends in matches during your adventure and check the online leaderboards
  • Upgrading system based on the loot you will earn in the different tracks
  • Customize your bike and your character with different elements
  • More than 250 missions available on 70 unique tracks
  • Gameplay perfected and simplified for making it easier to play with your thumbs on a touch screen
  • Complete the achievement list and prove your value as a wild rider

Visit the official developer’s site and explore it for getting additional information about the mobile game.

System Requirements

Find in this section the minimum requirements for playing Trials Frontier:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 6.1 or later
  • Size: 103MB Free space on the device