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  • i havnt used or tried this programme yet as its the first time iam downloading it to try, basically just want to test trial it to see if any good and to tell mates


Rivals at War is the approach of HotHead games to the strategy war genre. Apparently the game looks like a third person shooting game, but it is nothing like that, having the most part of the weight in the training of a special assault team. The game is available to download online for free for mobile systems running Android or iOS alike.

The main aspect of the game is the training, which depends on the cards you choose for forming your army squad. The missions you take will determine your progression, making the game more challenging in further stages and scenarios. The progression includes power-ups for your main soldiers and additional strategies that you can use during your missions.

The visual aspect of Rivals at War is rather good, optimizing the characters’ modelling design for making the game run well enough on average devices

The visual aspect of Rivals at War is rather good, optimizing the characters’ modelling design for making the game run well enough on average devices. Although the game does not look incredibly realistic, it has a couple of game views that you can choose between. You can experience the title from a third person perspective or from a far view mode, being able to see all the details and enemy movements.

Take the different sections of the stage
Take the different sections of the stage


The basics are well explained in the tutorial at the beginning. Either way, this is a card strategy game in which you deploy your soldiers shooting in the battlefield, trying to accomplish the objective of the current mission the best they can. Set your self-made team and establish the strategies with the different cards you will get in the packs that you can get free or buy with premium currency.

There are different types of soldiers available in the different packs, each one with a different objective in mind for shooting at your enemies. You will find included the commander, the leader of your team, the breacher, the medic, the sniper, the radioman and the saw gunner. Use your troops for assembling an elite and balanced combat army squad with no weaknesses, deploying the troops according to the situation.

The progression of the game depends on several factors. After each battle, you will gain experience that will unlock more content for your team, from different types of soldiers to more advanced strategies. Training your soldier will enhance their yield on the battlefield, being able to carry better weapons and more advanced equipment.

Follow the instructions
Follow the instructions

Rivals at War 1.3 Features

Discover the main features of Rivals at War for mobile devices:

  • Battle against other players online in different scenarios deploying your self-made army squad
  • Unlock the 45 different achievements for getting additional rewards
  • Six different types of soldiers for your team with different skills and abilities
  • Equip your team with advanced tactics and customize the aspect with badges, headgear and uniforms
  • Conquest each part of the scenarios and get total control over the place
  • Get additional content to download through the official channels

Get additional online details about the game in the following official game website .

System Requirements

Check in this section the requirements for Rivals at War before the download:

  • Operating System: iOS 5, Android 2.3 or later
  • Size: 43MB free space