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Running through the streets of a kind of futuristic Soviet Russia with neon lights all over the place would make you think you are facing an unusual game, and you'd be right about that. Kapsula is an action puzzle racing title for mobile devices in which you will depend on your quick reflexes to avoid the traffic while you drive at the highest possible speed. Kapsula is available to download for Android and iOS systems alike.

The general technical aspect of this endless racing game resembles other futuristic games such as F-Zero, adding flashing lights to the urban environment at high speed. Kapsula works really fine on average devices, which makes it recommendable for the casual player with smartphones that are not so new. The soundtrack is especially well-done and appropriate for this game, with a style that will even remind you of Tetris in some chords.

Creating a racing game combining parts of puzzle games could be a strange mix, but once you put your hands on the game you will discover that the combination actually works well enough.

The retrofuturistic Kapsula incorporates several elements from other genres that make it unique. Creating a racing game combining parts of puzzle games could be a strange mix, but once you put your hands on the game you will discover that the combination actually works well enough. Kapsula is a great opportunity to experience a different kind of gaming, and it something a bit different to copies ported to mobile devices as new titles.

Take the advises of the tutorial
Take the advises of the tutorial


Although the concept of Kapsula may seem simple as avoiding cars through the highway, the thing is that the game requires great reflexes for the movement of your car changing lanes. If your car passes through an adjacent lane in which a color kapsula is placed, it will engage your car, making it more difficult to avoid other vehicles. In order to get rid of that, you can crush them against other kapsulas of the same color, or even against a same colored wall. If you crush against a car or a kapsula of a different color, the game will be over.

You can find gems on the highway that you must collect in order to get some upgrades to your car at some cost. This way you can accumulate more bonuses such as a shield for protecting against an impact, a better score multiplier or even activate the frenzy mode depending on the distance you made, so the new features of your car won’t come for free.

Special mention must go to the visuals of Kapsula, and the game features a frenetic rhythm alongside a powerful OST that makes it easier to follow the tempo of the app. You will find that it is a very difficult title, so practice is one of the best things you can do for improving your skills while your final score increases. Get used to the mechanics without losing more time and get the download to experience real futuristic speed, comrade.

Kapsula 1.0.1 Features

Check the main points featuring Kapsula in the following list:

  • Discover the adrenaline of this puzzle/racer interesting combination putting your skills to the limit
  • Electronic retro-futuristic imagery with the help of your Russian comrade
  • Collect the gems of the highway and upgrade your car with several bonus advantages
  • Spectacular 3D visual style optimizing your mobile device
  • Drawings created by Fernando Martínez Ruppel and OST by TranceCyberian

Discover new details, additional upgrades and try a free version web-based in the following .

Take a look to the fantastic view
Take a look to the fantastic view

System Requirements

Find the minimum requirements for your device to download and run Kapsula:

  • Operating System: Android 4.1, iOS 6 or later
  • Size: 46,8MB free space