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Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend 1.0.3

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The fight of the puzzles has already started, and the heroes facing their fate are set in your smartphone. Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend is a puzzle mixing RPG elements developed by Bandai Namco, one of the major developer and publisher studios at the moment. Download and enjoy and this new title for free on Android and iOS platforms.

This puzzle title offers a completely new world based on classic fantasy concepts with ravaging monsters, elemental creatures and all kinds of danger awaiting the player. Take your hero and fight against the menaces of Wildmoon, trying to protect your town while discovering the mysteries of the world you live in.

In general terms, the game’s visual aspect is good, with a simple graphical aspect that makes it perfectly suitable for any kind of device

The visual style resembles classic fantasy games, and the technical aspect offers astonishing effects whenever you make combinations or trigger the special powers of your character. In general terms, the game’s visual aspect is good, with a simple graphical aspect that makes it perfectly suitable for any kind of device to download.

Customize your hero
Customize your hero


The gameplay of this game is based on the classic match-3 mechanics. This time, the combination of the different gems will activate attacks for dealing damage to your enemies. Using the available pieces of the playable screen wisely, you will be able to perform powerful combos to unleash heavy damage depending on the gems you destroyed. This issue is of importance since your different abilities will depend on the marbles you have assigned, being able to block incoming attacks or perform deadly attacks on the monsters you are facing.

There are different kinds of initial characters with which you can choose. Among these heroes classes, you can choose a rogue, a mage or a warrior. Each one of these playable heroes has different abilities that will deal different kinds of damage. This is of great importance for facing the different bosses spread throughout the world. There are 61 different skills, including enemy and player abilities. The game also includes some RPG elements, such as adding equipment like boots of magical swords to your character for improving your attack and defense stats. Use accessories in your advantage and discover the surviving effects of the extra object you can use.

The Story mode will help you to get new equipment and skills, but if you want to know how good you are in Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend, visit the Arena Mode. In this multiplayer section, you will be able to challenge another player all over the world. Check the leaderboards including the rankings, and unlock the different achievements for showing the world the great player you are in this Bandai Namco app.

Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend 1.0.3 Features

Find in this section the main features you can enjoy in this app before the download for your device:

  • Combination of puzzle and RPG game in a single adventure
  • Developed by Bandai Namco, one of the references of the gaming industries
  • More than 100 different stages featuring 1000s of possibilities
  • Enjoy the unique and classic visuals with a great assortment of fantasy creatures
  • Use the variety of weapons and skills against the powerful enemies to fight
  • Discover the world of Wildmoon and all the secrets and treasures it hides
  • Fight against another players in the Arena Mode and reach the top of the ranking
  • Defeat the attacking hordes that put you in danger your town and encounter the fate of your hero
  • Animated battles featuring different types of challenging encounters against enemies with different weaknesses
  • Use the in-app store to get unique objects to improve your character for free or by making a purchase

Discover all details about the game in the following official developer’s website .

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend:

  • Operating System: iOS 7, Android 4 or later
  • Size: 226MB Free space