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By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, June 8, 2015


This is like a battle game in which you as a player will have to create some new worlds so as to put some creatures in them and then they will have to fight against the enemies that come against them so as to be able proceed to the next levels.This world you will have to create them using some matter and then this creatures you will have to collect all kinds of things including monster warriors,dragons,kings and many more creatures.This creatures for them to be able to fight your enemies they have to be having some special abilities but then they also have weaknesses which also you must address for them to be able to fight your enemies efficiently.


The following are the features of etherlords

Be able to create new worlds and create creatures to live there

Collect like 180 monsters or more


This game is fun to play please download it now to enjoy


  • The game has stunning graphics
  • The game has some good soundtrack


  • the game can be very addictive
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develop your own world using matter and put creatures into it

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Have you ever created anything in your life if no this is the chance to do it you main goal in this game is to create worlds and then put people in this world to live in.This sounds very interesting if yes you can continue reading this review and then you download the game.You have several matter that will act as a raw material for you to put up the various things of the world and then put creatures in them including monsters which are like one hundred and eighty of them.It is a fun to play game though I found it a little bit different in terms of the battle and how long it takes for you to be able to complete that battle.


Develop your own world using matter

There are very many monsters

The graphics are very awesome in fact you see the monsters as though they are real


You have to very creative as to how you develop and create your own world.


  • you develop your own world using matter
  • the graphics are very epic


  • it does not have a very intresting story line
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • playing it for fun because I liked this game as child and would like to feel the nostalgia.i am grateful that i can play it again.thank you.


Combining several genres in a single game could turn into a bad experiment, but Nival has done a really good job with this mobile app. Etherlords is centered on the basics of RPG games adding some puzzle, strategy and card battle elements mixed for creating a game deep and unique enough to keep players playing for hours on their mobile devices. It is available to download for free for iOS and detailed graphical aspect. The design of the characters and monsters seem to be influenced by classical fantasy creatures like golems and dragons, adding new ones to the collection. With fantastic high-resolution on the technical side, Etherlords will satisfy those that claim mobile games are not as complete as console and PC titles.

Etherlords will satisfy those that claim mobile games are not as complete as console and PC titles

Energy or stamina do not limit game's system as with other free-to-play titles. This feature will make those players that feel annoyed whenever the energy runs out a lot more happy, since you won't have to wait until it is filled once again. Etherlords includes some in-app elements to purchase in order to get more content, but it is not mandatory, avoiding the criticism for being a pay-to-win download title.

Use your monsters to fight
Use your monsters to fight


Battles have been designed as a 3-on-3 turn-based combat in which your creatures will fight against all kinds of enemies in order to get loot, which allows you to advance further in the puzzle. Although these types of games are usually more brief, battles are no longer than 60 seconds in general.

The objective is simple; you have to create new worlds, using your creatures for the purpose of gaining matter. You will find an area divided by tiles in which you can create parts of your new world using the matter you obtain from your duels in the arena. Your creatures are a basic part of progression in Etherlords, with a great collection of 180 different monsters and more. Divided into three different categories, vitals, kinet and chaot, you will have to know the strong and weak points of your team to make good use of their abilities.

Etherlords has combined several genres like card battles, role-playing games, strategy and puzzle titles successfully. All these features have made a real, solid and unlimited game, complex but user-friendly. Etherlords includes a PvP mode in which you can compete against your friends, using an online Internet connection, or you can keep playing the storyline offline.

Build your own world
Build your own world

Etherlords Features

Check out the features of Etherlords in the following list before the download:

  • Epic storyline in which you will have to save the Etherlords world after the cataclysm
  • Great 3D clean graphics optimized for mobile iOS devices
  • Unique gameplay that fuses different styles like strategy and RPG in a solid title with fast battles
  • Collect all kinds of creatures with the more than 180 collectible monster warriors available, from dragons, golems, a witchdoctor, Scorpion King and elemental Colossus
  • Play without limits thanks to the game system that avoids using stamina
  • Use the in-app shop for purchases getting additional booster items and special content
  • Fuse your monsters to create the most powerful creatures in Etherlords’ universe
  • Compete in the online multiplayer mode and discover who is the king of Etherlords

For additional information about the mobile Etherlods, check the .

System Requirements

Discover the compatibility and requirements of Etherlords:

  • Operating System: iOS 7, Android 4.2 or later
  • Size: 98MB free space