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Bioshock: It is a perfect blend of Nightmare and science fiction!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, September 22, 2014

Bioshock is a familiar first person shooter title for most console and PC gamers. It is a perfect blend of science-fiction (sci fi) atmosphere, nightmarish gameplay, and very unique story line. The game becomes very special as it brings both futuristic experience and magical powers to the same stage.

As this is a heavily watered-down version of Bioshock console game, a Bioshock fan would find a number of frustrations in it. Control bugs, graphics glitches, low quality textures etc. are examples. When taking the target devices’ power, they are quite common. But if you are new to Bioshock, you fill find it to be a perfect one. You will love collecting ADAMS around Rapture.

Bioshock introduces a whole new gaming style to mobile FPS line. It is packed with power-packed elements to provide hours of great fun. But, if you have ever played any other version of Bioshock before, like the console version, you may not get satisfaction from this one. Anyway, it’s simply awesome!


  • It has great nightmarish gameplay styles
  • Close enough to the console version
  • Great mystical powers to use
  • Great graphics and textures present


  • Controller glitches are frustrating at times
  • Gameplay is heavily watered down




Back in 2007 Kevin Levine and his development team at Irrational Games launched BioShock, the first person shooter that mixed horror components with a unique story plot. In 2014, BioShock was released for digital download for iOS devices, showing their real power using the hardware to its greatest potential. Now you can discover what depths the Apple mobile devices hide.

The story starts exactly how we remembered it for the major consoles and PC. The sea surrounds you just after a plane crash, there is fire at the surface of the water and only the view of a lighthouse up breaks the sparse environment. The beginning of the story shows the path to the underwater city of Rapture where nothing is what it seems. The genetic modifications of the population have turned them into crazy splitters filled with sadness and homicidal rage.

The technical aspect has suffered a heavy downgrade from the first edition for PC. This is felt all over the game, from the water reflections that are not as detailed as the version from years ago, to the design of the enemies that have been simplified. Since the target devices are less powerful than the original consoles, it is understandable that the final aspect would not be the same.

Use the plasmid powers against all
Use the plasmid powers against all


The adaptation of the classic BioShock for download on iOS devices has changed the general view of the game, so now, the controls carry the most of the changes. Now you can forget about the controller of a PC keyboard and mouse configuration. BioShock for iOS has adapted the controls to the touch interface, placing the directional pad to the left side of the screen and the action buttons to the right side.

The part that has made BioShock, so special has been respected in this port. Plasmids remain as an interesting part, granting special powers to the player. Among these power ups, you will be able to use fireballs, insect swarms, electric bolts, telekinesis and even spawning dummies to release to create a diversion. The use of these powers will consume ADAM, the energy in the BioShock world. Additionally you can upgrade your weapons, creating a powerful arsenal, and even do some hacking on turrets to use them in your side.

Plasmids remain as an interesting part, granting special powers to the player

The game gives you certain free choices when it comes to saving the little sisters, small girls that collect ADAM in Rapture, but first you will have to eliminate the fascinating Big Daddy that protects these apparently innocent school girl sisters. Set them free or get the collected ADAM, the choice is yours but the ending will depend on these decisions.

BioShock Features

Find here the main features of this game for Apple devices:

  • Discover the secrets of Rapture and come to grips with the menace of the underwater city
  • Enjoy your biologically modified body using your Plasmid powers against enemy characters and release fireballs amongst many other skills
  • Exploit the systems and use them in your favor for defending turrets against your enemies
  • Improve your weapons and abilities with the ADAM you collect from the little sisters
  • Controls are adapted to the touch screen, and graphics are optimized for mobile devices

Learn more about the story and details of BioShock by clicking on this before making the download.

Hack systems and gain rewards
Hack systems and gain rewards

System Requirements

Check the requirements for BioShock in your mobile device

  • Operating System: iOS 7.1 or newer
  • Size: 1,65GB free space
  • Optimized especially for iPhone 5